January 4th - January 16th 2016

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! The count


Hi everyone, this is the material you have to review before you go on the trip. On the Encyclical, please read the preface, chapters one, two and three. Listen also to the sermons by Tim Keller.

Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality: download here

to listen to sermon 1 click here
to listen to sermon 2 click here


Hi everyone, here's a document with more info on the trip and forms you have to fill out and hand in this Sunday; so please download this doc, go through it and complete the forms. thanks! Click on the link below:

January 2016 forms & info  

Hi everyone, here are the flight details of some of those that are going so you can hopefully get on the same flight and share cabs. A cab from the airport to our house is $35.

This is Lois' flight from Bradley, on a United Airlines flight. she used www.cheapOair.com

This is Lois' flight from Bradley, on a United Airlines flight. she used www.cheapOair.com

this is Reece's tkt: he arrives to Miami on the 1st ad flies down at 9:46 on a AA flight

this is Reece's tkt: he arrives to Miami on the 1st ad flies down at 9:46 on a AA flight

this is Ginas tkt - she flies in with Lois and leaves the 13th.

this is Ginas tkt - she flies in with Lois and leaves the 13th.

Hi everyone! We're heading off to the Dominican Republic! From Monday Jan 4th to Thursday Jan 16th Upward Ventures will host the annual group trip to Las Malvinas II.

Turn the Upward Ventures house into a home: We have just rented a house outside of the community that needs tons of work: make most the furniture (and shop for the rest), build raised beds and chicken coop, plant a garden, install a water tank, decorate the rooms, put together a small library, etc. The property has to become a residence for entrepreneurs, a UV community space, a urban microfarm, an open office and a place to also rest and find peace. So we need a lot of creative minds and skilled hands.
We eventually want this home to be a temple: a place where people meet to serve our Lord and serve the least of our brothers. 

Finish the factory: The factory still needs construction work: paint jobs, furniture and workshops need to be built, security and electrical connections installed, fruits and herbs planted everywhere.

Make soap: We will be making soap with Martha, Jocy, Mindry and other women of the community during these days, probably 1 or 2 times a week. 

Spend time in the community: Bonding with families in Las Malvinas is extremely important to us - we can work with them because we know, trust and love each other. We'll have meals with them with the only purpose to spend time together, play baseball, have activities with kids, etc.

Opportunities for aspiring social entrepreneurs: There are business opportunities we are exploring and that need humble, loving and entrepreneurial spirits to lead them. If you are interested in experiencing running a social enterprise, the trip will serve also as a chance to shadow the Esperanza Soaps team and get some on-the-ground insight.

Spread and receive the Gospel: Esperanza Soaps is an enterprise founded on Christian social principles and we encourage you to have sincere, gospel-centered conversations with everyone you run into on the trip - the families, your co-travelers, the locals in the city, etc.

You will stay at the UV house - there are 3 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. You need an inflatable mattress and a sheet. We will soon post a list of things you have to be sure to bring, plus suggested contributions for the house and library.

You do not need to speak Spanish - but if you do that's awesome.

You need a US passport - Make sure your passport have one and its still valid (at least 6 more months before expiring). Also make sure your health insurance covers you overseas.

Our typical day starts at 7 for breakfast and sharing time. Work starts around 9am and lunch is at 1. We later work from 3pm to 6pm and then retreat to the house for sharing and down time.

This is a trip with a mission - To launch the Upward Ventures DR and get Esperanza Soaps ready to launch and start selling. We will have down time and a beach day, but the group is expected to complete the jobs listed above with the highest excellence and diligence. 

You are responsible for your plane ticket (more details in the next update) and a cash contribution of $350. The cash contribution will pay your transportation to and from the airport and around the city,  all meals and water. It will also help fund the projects we'll be working on.

We'll have a trip to the beach during the last week, which should come out to $25 per person (considering transportation, food & water).

So if you can cook, saw, hammer, plant stuff, make soap, pray, play baseball, paint, smile and talk to people or you have banangrams and want to organize games at night, then you should come! Christmas is coming, now you know what to ask for!