Esperanza Soaps and the entire Upward Ventures team wants to recognize our amazing supporters. Thanks to their generosity, Esperanza Soaps has the means to start a pilot soap factory in Las Malvinas, Dominican Republic, in the Fall of 2015. We are deeply indebted to those who have trusted us with their kind donations and we work diligently to bring our startups to success. To all you, THANK YOU!

Jessica L. French 
Walter & Annegret Berger 
E. W. Wassmann 
Cynthia P. Bishop 
Justitia Pak 
Lois Grandmaison 
Kelly Ann Slicklen 
Nicole Brandt 
Rebecca Iwerks 
Jessica Hawkins 
Nicolette J. Blount 
Cristobal Cordovez B. 
Gina Orlandi
Stephen O. Oloo 
Kiok Chon
Felicia Bokel 
Leong Wai Leng 
Jen Chon

Byron P. McCrae
Tina Chen
Andrea D. Madden
Mathias Werner
Amelie Berger
Nicholas Wopperer
Peter Czuppon
J Eliot B. Moss
Elizabeth N. Booher
Angela Nzegwu
Dwi Simanungkalit
Betty DuBose
David j. Mccahon
Kirsten C. Wanamaker
Joanna E. Springer
James French
Carol J. Madsen
M. V. Lee Badgett

Brian Giggey - Debbie Krusemark - Laura M. Sweeney - 
Mark S. Reed - Allyson Clark -Deborah Martierrez - 
Izabella MacDonald - Jeffrey Lancaster -Leonor Fuchslocher - Nicole Warren - Seth Berggren - Andres Perez Arancibia - 
Lynn Miller - Theresa Wassell - John Ryan IV - Dwi Elfrida - 
Tamzeena Hutchinson - Keiry Nunez - John P. McKechnie Jr.