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DOMINICAN GOODNESS. Esperanza Soaps are made with the best of the Caribbean - all natural, local ingredients that will make you feel and look great. We offer deep moisturizing soaps; aloe-based soaps to keep your skin smooth and healthy, a wide variety of exfoliating soaps & soaps for the morning, the evening and special occasions.


  social enterprise social business end  ing poverty community empowerment soap women dignity jobs

MADE FOR HOPE. We placed our soap factory inside Las Malvinas, a low-income community in the heart of Santo Domingo, to bring jobs and hope to women that want a brighter future for themselves and their children.
Our company hires and trains the women of Las Malvinas, most of whom have not had the opportunity of a steady job, and struggle to make ends meet. 


 social enterprise social business ending poverty community empowerment soap women dignity jobs 

SOAP MAKES LIFE BETTER.  We make soap because soap is good for you: it keeps you clean and healthy, and it helps you prevent sickness like diarrhea or infectious diseases. Diarrhea kills 2 million children worldwide per year, 47% of which could be prevented by handwashing. So in a community without a sewer system like Las Malvinas, soap can make a huge impact. Our soaps will be available for the community and hand washing programs for kids and adults will be implemented. 

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We produce soaps both in the Dominican Republic and in the US. Look at our Catalog HERE